Dish for Daddy

The Yummy Truth

In honour of Father’s Day there is only really one recipe I have to share with you. Jamaican Steam Fish. You may be wondering what beautifully tender Red Snapper fillets, perfectly crisp vegetables and aromatic scotch bonnet peppers that fascinate your taste buds have to do with Father’s Day. My dad has a collection of dishes that he cooks to perfection, and Jamaican Steam Fish is probably the one he cooks most often. Since I couldn’t be with him this year, it is even more important that I show him how special he is by dedicating this week’s post to him. Traditionally this dish is prepared using a whole fish and doesn’t include sweet potatoes but I wanted to take this traditional dish and add some finesse to truly emulate my dad. Don’t be intimidated by the list of ingredients, many items are optional and the method is quick and…

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