Unreasonable? Jamaica’s response to Digicel

We are such an ungrateful nation that many of us have forgotten that were it not for Digicel, we wouldn’t know we could get cell coverage in certain areas – like my bedroom for example (Yes, my walls well thick. LIME neva use to penetrate it).

We wouldn’t have known that we could have easy access to credit and multiple outlets to purchase the same.

We wouldn’t have known that there was any other phone in the Caribbean, indeed the world, except the Nokia fridge.

We wouldn’t have known that we didn’t have to have credit to receive calls.

We wouldn’t have known that we could call customer care and have our query handled in a timely manner.

We wouldn’t have known that Jamaican talent could come on our local television stations and thrill us on Sunday evenings. I could go on all night.

We are ungrateful!

What’s more, the average man will always appreciate what Digicel did for telecommunications in Jamaica, because his Coral works in Wait-A-Bit and he enjoys his Gimmie 5; I’m convinced that this wave of insults is led by a few who have smartphones, addicts who have little more to do than be slaves to the smartphone, the moment a ping can’t go through, we go crazy, myself included.

Digicel is upgrading their network, we all know this – how about some patience?

How about some appreciation?

I agree that you paid for a service and it should be functional, but a 15-minute interruption is not a huge price to pay, since, in the long run, we stand to benefit from advanced mobile technology.

The ends will justify the means.


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