Jamaican Wedding: Big Expense Items That Affect Your Wedding Spending

One of the most expensive events in our lives can be a wedding.

Couples have to be extra careful and prudent in these economic times, to cut back on spending and staying within their wedding budget.

Having a lavish Jamaican wedding is not as important as staying out of debt and beginning your marriage debt-free.

If you stick to your plans and find creative means of getting what you want then you can have a dream Jamaican wedding without breaking the bank.

First, you will need to sit down with your partner.

Identify areas of the wedding that you must have and that you are willing to spend on. Once you have done this, also identify things that you will cut back wedding spending on, that is not so important.

You can reduce your wedding spending on areas that you can do for yourself or have family members and friends help with. This can be the invitations, cake, decorations, or transportation.

The things you decide on will change depending on what is important to both the groom and the bride.

One area that can take a huge chunk of the wedding budget is the location or venue of the wedding reception or both the ceremony and wedding reception as many people often do.

The aesthetics of the place and ambiance are very important to the occasion.

It will be a setting where you can have beautiful wedding pictures and fond memories for later.

If that reception site specializes in weddings and has a coordinator, this takes off a lot of the stress from the bride and groom and frees you with more time for other projects on your list.

A site like this will negate you having to consider smaller expenditures on chairs, tables, decorations, and cake. This will really draw down on your wedding expenditure at the end of the day.

Make sure to make a down payment or the full cost, if you have made your final decision.

Another area where you may want to make splurges is wedding photography and videography.

This, to most, is the most important aspect. Capturing the excitement, dances, exchange of vows, speeches, and happiness on your guest’s faces, is a necessary part of a wedding. Finding a good wedding photographer ensures that you will beautiful and quality shots to cherish for later.

If you also have a videographer, then this doubles your chances of getting those memories captured, and also in the eventuality that something happens you have a backup. Many video cameras today, also allow you to do snapshots.

The wedding food and drink is another area you might consider overspend on, but if you have friends or family in this business that can assist, call on them for their assistance.

Wedding food doesn’t have to be bland and boring; it can be very tasteful and quite appealing to people’s appetite.

The rings will also require you to spend outside what you planned, especially if the bride falls in love with a particular one. But if you decide to cut costs, you can use a family heirloom. Like a grandmother’s or other important family members cherished wedding ring.


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