Life Lessons from Children

education_in_jamaica_school_children_runningBy: Davene Rowe.
Copyright © 2010, Davene Rowe.

It is customary for children to emulate their parents, whether it is their mannerism, speech or dress; but some important lifelong lessons can be learnt from and even taught to us by our children.

Very recently, my seven-year old came crying to me with a bloody mouth. Seeing my child bleed is very scary and at that moment, my motherly instincts went into overdrive. The sight of her in that state was nauseating and shocking to say the least, but the explanation was more dreadful and left me in a state of disbelief… she was bitten by ‘Ginger-Angel’, her pet hamster! Yes, you heard me correctly.

I could not get pass this fact… hamster…rodent…mouth and these three words kept repeating in my head.

A few hours later, while sitting in the doctor’s office, she proceeded to tell the doctor (who did not bother to hide her surprise and was anxiously awaiting the explanation), of the sequence of events that lead to her demise.

Daughter’s explanation:
“ I had my face to the cage, looking at  Ginger-Angel who was  asleep in the blue tunnel, she came out so swiftly, I did not see it coming”.

I am certain that she will not make that mistake again. Two important lessons learnt

#1. Expect the unexpected and
#2, learn from your mistakes.


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