Why post, share, facebook, tweet pictures of the dead/gruesome killings?

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Why post, share, facebook, tweet pictures of the dead/gruesome killings?

Why post, share, facebook, tweet pictures of the dead/gruesome killings? This a question which many well thinking and moral human beings ask when they discover pictures of people killed in accidents, shootings or some other senseless crime. This is one writers thoughts on how it affected her.

Contributor: Davene Rowe
Senseless callous images

The gruesome image of a dismantled figure being displayed on Whatsapp, BBM or being broadcasted on social media has become the norm. Have we become so cold and disrespectful that we can callously take photos and send these images of the dead as if we were nonchalantly admiring and discussing the weather? Shouldn’t the need to respect others be a shutter on the lenses of these devices. Instead, we disrespect and dishonor the dead and their loved ones.

Picture this, you have now become that crash victim or gunshot victim lying in the streets, your life slipped away in milliseconds after impact. The day that had started like any ordinary one, has now ended in a way that is less than predictable. Before being taken to the morgue, you have become the fascination of spectators and their smartphones; the new social meme.‬

Life will never be the same for your family and as they grieve your loss, holding on to the happy memories and your beautiful smile, they become face to face with a less than flattering image of your last encounter on this earth on Facebook, Twitter, BBM or some other prevalent social forum. Wouldn’t you want to spare them?

I beseech us all that the next time we are witnesses to these encounters, that we think twice before we point, shoot and press send.

Respect the dead.


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