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Jamaican Wedding: The usefulness of magazines in the wedding planning process

Black Bride MagazineBy: Denise defy Fyffe.
Copyright © 2013, Denise N. Fyffe

Planning a Jamaican Wedding is an exciting event. Many women look forward to doing this their whole lives. Some even take it on as a career as coordinators and wedding planners; while other fantasize and scope out wedding magazines. However, not many Jamaican brides or couples are informed about how to plan a Jamaican wedding or what are their options.

Many who can afford the expenditure will hire wedding planners, and this can get very costly. Even though they might have the experience, and have done this many, many times; having a planner is not cheap. You might turn to friends and family who have been through the experience and might have an idea at what to do. This is a cheap alternative as you wont have to pay them for their services. But, the final decision is yours and it is best to become informed about the possibilities, so that you get all that you want.

Wedding plans do not finalize themselves overnight. They take time and research. This cannot be done in a given day. You will have to locate bridal shops, flower shops, decorators or supply stores, visit venues, and many other treks will have to be done before your Jamaican wedding day arrives. Whether you use the help of others, you will still need to visit some of these places. Leaving everything to others, should never be an option.

Reading wedding magazines can be very helpful in making your decisions concerning your Jamaican wedding. Anything to help ease the stress and tension that might arise during this period, is always a plus. Wedding Magazines, that specialise in wedding arrangements, designs and gowns, are the best to refer to. These have editors and writers who focus on this industry and research materials that are applicable to a cross section of readers. They will have issues that deal with gowns, venues, planning, decorations and other things to do.

Some wedding magazines carry feature wedding gowns and bridal dresses exclusively. They will have pictures of all different styles, colours and designers. As a bride you will be able to explore the type of dress that suits or appeals to you and learn what traditional, casual and trendy styles are in season. Wedding Magazines sometimes list where wedding gown designers and stores are located. These magazines also provide information on honeymoon destinations, the cheapest rate and the best travel plans.  They may also carry articles on the dos and don’ts of the wedding night, and other relationship advice. The wedding magazines are not the gospel of wedding planning, though they provide solid advice at times. You might want to read them to just get general ideas, or on what to do. You can ask friends to read through with you and discuss your ideas with your friends and family.


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