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Jamaican Videos: Hilarious review of Why Tessanne Chin Made It To The Top 6

By: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2013, Denise N. Fyffe

This week it was a long wait for The Dutty Berry Show –  Why Tessanne Chin Made It To The Top 6. Jamaicans were about to riot and Bread and Butter Wednesdays was about to be boycotted. Certainly we were not disappointed, as Why Tessanne Chin Made It To The Top 6 was equally as funny as the rest of the other episodes.

One of our new features on The Island Journal will be to showcase our Jamaican heritage, culture and talent through video blogging. One of our latest and talented piece comes from Shaine Berry producer of the Dutty Berry Show.

tessanne chin

Why Tessanne Chin Moved On To The Top 6 of NBC The Voice

Check out the video:

Thus far he has skillfully created, edited and shared the following hilarious reviews about Jamaica’s Tessanne Chin on Season 5 of NBC’s The Voice:

  1. Why Tessanne Chin Made It To Top 3
  2. Why Tessanne Chin Moved On To The Top 5
  3. Why Tessanne Chin Made It To Top 6
  4. Why Tessanne Chin Moved On To The Top 8
  5. Why Tessanne Chin Made It To Top 10
  6. Why Tessanne Chin had many rivers to cross
  7. Why Tessanne Chin Had to WIN the Knockout Round
  8. Why Tessanne Chin Won the Battle Round
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