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Research: How technology, smartphones and electronics puts us in danger Part 3

distractedcaaBy: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2013, Denise N. Fyffe

Because of the heavy infiltration of cellphones and technology in our daily lives we are less inclined to engage in public and social settings. Further into our series on How technology, smartphones and electronics puts us in danger; part 3 looks at the negative effects of technology and smartphone use.

List of negative effects/disadvantages of technology and smartphone/cellphone use:

  1. more vehicular accidents because people sending text messages and driving
  2. people become less likely to help when a crime occurs, as they are busy filming it with camera-phones
  3. more incidents of pedestrians being hit by vehicles
  4. productivity falls in workplaces as people are on social media via tablets and smartphones
  5. parents are distracted and spend less time with their kids
  6. children perform badly on school work
  7. socioeconomic growth declines in business as people are buying more technological advance products and less traditional devices like watches
  8. increase in small crimes like theft and home invasion
  9. having more injuries by being distracted by phone like almost tumbling down flights of stairs, trip on a crack in a sidewalk,  have to slam on breaks and run into trees
  10. adults are receiving work-related phone calls or emails during holidays
  11. teenagers now-a-days are text messaging all the time
  12. increase in cyberbullying, especially by and among teens
  13. pedophiles and predators have easier access to those who are vulnerable like young kids and women
  14. poor spelling and writing skills in youth
  15. enabling students to cheat, text message, and otherwise act irresponsibly during time when they should be studying
  16. increased expenses due to text, picture and video messaging; downloadable games, overage minutes and connecting to internet
  17. people can record or document your movements and post it to social media websites without your knowledge
  18. mental health issues increase especially in teens who are bullied e.g. low self-esteem, anxiety and depression
  19. Because of the close proximity to the mouth where germs can be passed from breathing, coughing and sneezing, most cellphones are crawling with bacteria.
  20. more likely to be tired and less able to focus the next day due to lack of sleep
  21. Eye strain and “digital thumb” resulting from continual focusing on small screen and small buttons
  22. Radiation is enormously hazardous to cеllрhоne usersdistracted women
  23. people engage less even when at parties, dinners and other social gatherings
  24. people become too absorbed with using their phone Instead of paying attention to what’s going on around them
  25. people are starting to be disrespectful without noticing that being busy on their smartphones is the reason.
  26. people develop and express antisocial behaviors
  27. people become addicted to using the cellphones
  28. human interaction is greatly reduced
  29. people have less time to really enjoy time and their family; they become busy doing things that are not relevant at that time. like working on your vacation
  30. cellphones have been manipulated to trigger bombs and launch terror attacks
  31. smartphones better equip criminals to carry out their activity



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