Jamaican Wedding

Jamaican Wedding: Wedding music, The wrong songs for a wedding

Jamaican WeddingBy: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2010, Poetess Defy, Denise Fyffe

Music is a very powerful element. People believe that the first dance at a wedding is very important. Recently many have made a show of it and turned it into an entertainment piece. However the wedding music you play is very important. It can kill the vibe of the wedding reception section, or it can get the party started as well as set the pace. You will want to consider a host of different options or genre, and cater to all the different guests present. But most importantly you want to select songs you will enjoy and that you will remember as your favorites for years to come.

The most important decision is to locate someone who is knowledgeable about wedding music and the selection of music; especially if you are supplying your own music system. Hiring out the job? Then you want a reputable professional, band or group. Ask questions. Have they played at weddings prior? How many? How was the experience? Do they have anyone you can talk to who would refer them? With experience comes an already prepared set of songs or playlists that you can make your selections from.

You should also know when to play music at your Jamaican wedding, and the appropriate music to play. There are Jamaican Weddingcertain times you play a particular type of music. Background wedding music is needed when there are interludes, the processional in addition to the recessional. The same should be when the couple enters at the wedding reception and while the guests are registering. You can do the same when the cake is being cut, when the dance sections starts and for the newlyweds first dance.

The couple should have a hand in deciding the type and tracks played at their Jamaican wedding. What do you play when the bridal party is going up and down the aisle? Which song will be played for your first dance? Will the bride use the traditional bridal procession? Will you have a choir or use instruments or a pre-recorded CD? If you want to leave a lasting impression get an excellent and talented singer.

While the guests are partaking in any number of activities you can have lovely background wedding music playing. This should not be loud and jarring but soft and soothing. You can play engaging, and fast paced music when people are dancing, the couple’s first dance or while other fun activities are taking place. The first dance song, should be very special and a favorite of the newlyweds. The wedding music should make the new married couple enjoy themselves and be proud of hosting a memorable event. Try to be original or unique. You need not follow what others have down but make your own mark.


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