Jamaican Wedding: Wedding dress options for an informal wedding

By: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2010, Poetess Defy, Denise Fyffe

The wedding dress is considered the centerpiece of the Jamaican wedding. Most people come and leave such a ceremony with the whispers of about the wedding dress on their lips. They discuss the design, the designer the length, the train, and how beautiful the bride looked in it. Little girls often fantasize about their weddings to their prince charming and what dresses they will be wearing. Some have picture books, and scrap books with things they want to include in their wedding when they grow up. Therefore the wedding dress is a big, big deal. Many brides prefer simple, elegant and casual weddings. But they do not know how they are going to execute their wishes. Casual weddings can be just as special and elegant as any formal wedding.

If you are thinking about a garden wedding, a casual sundress may be a great option. This could be in a cotton or linen design. These dresses are especially perfect for casual summer Jamaican weddings. They can be any length you desire, but are mostly kept short. Sundresses are flattering to the figure and are also exceptional choices for a beach wedding. Another great selection is a floor length maxi dress.  You can select an off white or white dress, in any time material you desire. There are limitless options for the patterns and design on the wedding dress, leaving the bride looking and feeling very whimsical.

Suits are another great option. They are a good choice for people who have been married more than once, and might be over the fluffy big gown idea. The Jackie O classic look or a practical pant suit in any color including white, can be worn to a day or evening wedding. This is a good choice for weddings being kept in courtrooms. You can change your attire for a dress at the reception.

Strapless gown, made of satin may appeal to some brides. Strapless gowns can compliment your upper body, especially your shoulders and back. This timeless option can even be worn in a fitted design, showing off the figure of the bride. Mid calf, tea length dresses are sometimes chosen by the bride. Accessorized by kitten heels and pearls and you will have a very elegant looking bride. This also makes for lovely attire at a casual wedding. It is suitable for a Sunday wedding, with a brunch reception. It is also perfect for garden weddings. If you are considering a Jamaican beach wedding, choosing a tea length gown, will minimize your risk of falling and dragging on your wedding day. You will definitely have less sand to contend with.

Being comfortable on your wedding day should be a primary concern. You do not have to be strapped in, sucked it, tied into or feeling unnecessary pain on the most important day of your life. Designers are now making it possible to wear different dresses that will match your Jamaican wedding theme.



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