hurricane sandy dance sandy dance

Jamaican Poetry: Hurricane Sandy (Dance Sandy dance)

hurricane sandy dance sandy danceBy: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2012, Denise N. Fyffe

Hurricane Sandy blew very strong
Kicked up her skirts
Backed slapped Jamaica with her right hand;

Sandy trampled across the Pedro Keys,
tapping her heels as she sashayed across the Caribbean Sea;
She whipped up the waves onto the Caribbean Terrace back streets,

She moved like a pre-madonna with her Black Swan mastery;
Sandy cut across the East St. Andrew land, washing away bridges
Kintyre was stranded, before the wind even began;
St. Thomas, Portland and St. Mary would not escape this crazed woman;
As Sandy put on her puma boots and gave chase,
Caressing their shores like a jealous woman about to wreak revenge in that place;
Junction and the Gorge
Tried to withstand,
But Sandy rained down rocks, blocking the paths so they couldn’t do anything but stand;
All eyes of Jamaica would turn to the Sandy Bay gully,

Hurricane Dennis on July 7 2005

Hurricane Dennis on July 7 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Where as likkle rain fall, a house would slip and slid into the waters of that gully;
Hurricane Sandy continued her dance across the land
Blowing thru Kingston rooting up trees and flooding the land;Sandy rocked and gyrated her mighty hips,
For a Category One Storm
She could certainly bump and twist;
Sandy danced, Sandy danced all through the day
Playing Jamaica like it was Cinco de Mayo day;

Sandy danced, Sandy danced and rain streamed down
Washing away the sins of old Kingston town;
Hurricane Sandy continued to rain down,
devastating lives and scaring the landscape of every Jamaican town;
Sandy danced, yes Hurricane Sandy danced. Sandy danced gyrating across the land, Jamaica looked on, caught in a trance.


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