Baby Resting atop Sleeping Mother

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree – Genetics and parental influence on a child’s behaviour

Baby Resting atop Sleeping Mother

Baby Resting atop Sleeping Mother

I am my mother’s child, and my father’s as well. The older I get the more I learn and the more stories I hear of my parent’s past that makes me go, “OH! I see where I get that from.”

Like my mother. Not until her golden years, have I realized how much of a ‘trubblemekker’ she is. I have learned some other important details.

Like my mother, I will not open my mouth to argue with you; I will look at you, watch you and remain quiet. To me, I was simply not engaging so I don’t say bad things and have to repent later. In actuality, I was simply reacting as how my mom would.

Yay! genetics rule! My parents influence on this child’s behavior is surely quite prevalent.

I found this out when I complained to my mom about the vindictive harassment I was enduring at work from my boss. She proceeded to tell an antidote which had me cracking up about my aunt cussing her out, when I was one week old; but she then exclaimed, “Look how dis ooman just a tan up an a look pan me jezaz!”

Thirty three years later, my boss exclaims after another nitpicking, micromanaging, harassing,  scolding and disrespectful session: “I am tired of this, all I get from you is static, not a word!”.

Yes, that’s my mothers genes right there.


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