Jamaican wedding invitation

Jamaican Wedding: Avoiding a Jamaican Wedding disaster

By: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2012, Poetess Defy, Denise Fyffe

Jamaican Weddings, when planned correctly and all contingencies put in place are typically beautiful affairs. However, sometimes things go so horribly wrong, that though some are unavoidable others you just did not see coming. One thing that many people often pray for on their wedding day is clear and sunny skies; but rain can be a damper, though it is unavoidable. You can minimise this inconvenience by having your Jamaican wedding during the dry, sunny months. Also, check whether forecasts. You can rent tents if you plan to have your wedding in an outdoor environment. When choosing your wedding location, check if they have contingencies or an indoor wedding setting if rain decides to fall that day.

Jamaican wedding rings

Jamaican wedding rings

People make mistakes and many do not have the best of memories. On the wedding day, you may have to trust people with very important assignments, like taking the wedding rings. If the best man, forgets where he left the wedding ring, simply borrow those of your parents, family members of close friends. Some might even boast about it afterwards. You can strangle the best man after the ceremony. All brides have a constant dread that their makeup will start running. Some do not care and will cry torrents, but for those who do care, wear water and smudge proof cosmetics. If you have a makeup artist, ensure they are on the guests list and standing close by.

Spot removers aren’t just used on everyday clothes stains; they are good for short notice and immediate use as well. Having your wedding gown or suit messed up, or stained can be a major distraction from the fun and festivities around you; brides especially become so distracted and start to think everyone is talking about it. But you can prepare from something happening by taking along a spot removal kit.


Jamaican wedding cake

Watching a Jamaican wedding cake melt due to heat does not make for a happy couple; especially if the cake falls. This can leave the married couple broken hearted, especially the bride. Cutting of the cake has been a tradition passed on for generations and many spend months trying to locate and choose the best tasting wedding cake. If possible have your cake stored in a cool place or a fridge; this should cut down the amount of time spent in the heat, between being taken to the venue and being cut. Bring it out about ten or five minutes before the cutting of the cake part of the reception. You should also have the cake team carry a repair kit, which most professional cake makers typically do.

If more people turn up at the reception than who were invited you should ensure that extra chairs are available. This is why contacting everyone who haven’t RSVP, two weeks prior, will save on the stress caused from this. Leave a margin of about five to ten on your guests list. Also to avoid getting bad pictures, get a professional photographer and videographer. Do not be cheap; these images capture your memories for years to come.


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