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Chikungunya issue, in Jamaica, causes abrupt end to Senate meeting

KINGSTON, Jamaica–Friday’s sitting of the Senate ended abruptly, after the President, Senator Floyd Morris, refused to allow the Opposition to debate the current chikungunya health crisis.

Senator Morris explained that he had rejected the basis on which Leader of Opposition Business, Senator Tom Tavares-Finson, sought his permission to raise the matter of the chikungunya epidemic on the motion for the adjournment.

“… You asked me about the matter earlier and I indicated that, based on the nature of the matter that you intend to raise I will not allow it in the Senate, because it is a very contentious matter, and what the country needs now is a unification of all forces, all stakeholders to fight this particular disease. I cannot therefore allow you to raise that motion,” Morris explained.

The President said that he was going to adjourn the Senate, immediately.

“I have no doubt that you are going to do that, but it does not mean that I cannot deal with a public crisis,” Tavares-Finson insisted.

Senator Morris then knocked his gavel, indicating that the sitting was ended, and left the chamber, with Senator Tavares-Finson still on his feet.

Written by Balford Henry

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