Is university for everyone?

The Sixth Form/High School socialist agenda dictate that students under the age of 18 are all universally encouraged to graduate their education onto a university environment. The university culture – students of reasonably the same age trying to attain a degree – should be the perfect environment to stimulate interest in academia. But the detrimental effect is that that this cannot hit the developmental insight in their studies, to show genuine enthusiasm for the information derived from the course that they supposedly enjoy. Hence the concerning sentiment, is the less academically charged students are going to university – an awkward fit for their skills and acumen.

Concerningly, these academically resistant students realise that all little too late that they have been duped into the university culture, by a socialist propaganda machine that has skilfully tapped into their wistful hollow core that achingly needs to satisfy a reason for existence — that has not been paralleled elsewhere. The statistics show the painful resolution of graduates upon completing their much maligned degree: A study of 676 university graduates found that 44% think that they should have studied a vocational qualification (e.g. apprenticeship, BTEC) rather than a genuine undergraduate degree.

Thus in an attempt to conform to friends, or a disembodied centralised propaganda machine instigated by Tony Blair — Britain’s extraordinarily liberal labour leader, whose misguided justification that fifty percent of the country’s youth should be in further education, garnered much criticisms – has led to the vast majority of the young believing that they have a natural urge to go to university, when they may not be academically qualified.

‘It sounded good and very Left-wing and suggested it was promoting social mobility,’ he said. In fact, because it wasn’t clearly linked with occupational opportunities it leaves a lot of young people who have worked hard without a job’.  Professor Alan Smithers .

But there are alternatives to the overwhelming social conformist agenda that many seem to succumb to. According to John McDermott of Chicago Tribune the demographics of entrepreneurs are:

1)       62% Men and 38% Women

2)       60% White, 23% Latino, 9% Black, 5% Asian

However, only 28% were graduates of university. The shortfall in graduates suggests that a university level education may not be paramount in the success of the development of a business idea, acumen and genuine entrepreneurial spirit.  A noticeable increase in success is not dictated by the level of educational attained and upheld.

Does the world’s most talented actress have a degree?

Some organisations aim to capitalise on this theory by offering youth a safer alternative to the strictly led university path – which has the potentially fatal consequence of bankruptcy and long-term unemployment. Indeed the Prince’s Trust – the UK’s largest youth focused charity – offer the enterprise programme that has the general aim to help young people interested in self- employment to test their ideas, cohesively plan and start their own business. A substantial alternative to less academically qualified – potential victims of a mass conformist agenda, propaganda machine and their own misguided sense of importance as to what they should do with their futures.

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