Education : Post Graduate in Education – My Journey, Accumulating Certifications

Girl studying courtesy of adaezewrites-com

Girl studying courtesy of adaezewrites-com

Its been two months since I started school again; time sure does go by quickly. I recently realized that it was ten years ago that I started my Bachelor’s degree. Now, I am far outside the scope of my previous plans; but I continue nonetheless by pursuing a Post Graduate diploma.

I should have completed a Master’s degree in Psychology by now, but my world has been rocked one two many times. I have had to pick up the pieces quite often and even now I am not done picking up the pieces.

Life has a way of changing your intended course. Going into my fourth decade on this earth, I have no definite plans. I exist. I breathe, but I find no joy in the experience. So how do I right the wrongs? How do I center align and reach back to my dreams of yesteryear?

One day at a time, is how.

Until the joy returns, I will equip my natural skills and talents with certifications. My technical and technology skill set has a diploma and 13 years experience. My psychoanalytic mind is paired to a Bachelor’s degree and now the teacher trainer in me is working for a Post Graduate certification.

The singer in me is jealous because it’s crystal that dream will never be realized.

Sometimes I think, why bother? This world is going to hell faster than I draw breaths. But, I bide my time and let my story unfold; of what great feats I am destined to achieve in this life.


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