Jamaican Weddings with Themes

By: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2015, Poetess Defy, Denise Fyffe

Jamaican beach wedding

Jamaican beach wedding

Planning a wedding can be very exciting. Choosing flowers, invitations, decoration and a venue will give you ideas about how you want your wedding to look. Theme weddings are very popular now. They allow you to live out your fantasy wedding theme and have beautiful pictures that you can look back on. If you do not pin down a theme, you may end up with the typical fairy looking wedding; which is what most people have. You need something unique, that the bride, groom, and guests will appreciate, enjoy and never forget. Therefore, get your bridesmaid together, find a wedding movie, or clips and start planning. Make sure to note the different features, decorations, and flowers that they have. This will help you in making your decision.

Choose a specific wedding theme, do not be too general. Don’t say you want a fairy-tale wedding theme, a Victorian wedding or a garden wedding theme. The more detailed you are the easier your planning will be. For a garden wedding you could decide on a butterfly, rose or ladybug wedding.  You could add different creatures to the decorations and make it very festive and representative of a garden in blooming with birds and butterflies. Then you can visit stores to get the specific decorations needed to create this. You may not find all you need in one place, as they may not stock a huge amount of what you need. But you can visit multiple locations and have friends help you too. Go to decorations, party, or costume stores.



Shopping on the internet is so much easier these days; especially if you cannot find all that you may need in one place. It offers the convenience of shopping at anytime, and delivery come right to your door; so no lugging huge packages or backdrops. If you have an idea in the night, it will be easy to get up and search for it. Finding what you want will not be a problem online, because there will be numerous options to choose from, with the ability to compare prices.

Your wedding favors can also, add to your theme; making it easier to put together. The decorations you put on the table, cake, and place settings help to build your theme; as well the type of linen, table cloth and backdrop. Being smart in the selection of your wedding favors will cause less stress in implementing your theme.

The other areas involved in the planning of your wedding can become distracting and overwhelming. Selecting a theme for your wedding and sticking to the plans set out, will reduce the headache involved. Remember to consider your dress and the dresses for the bridal party, the groom’s men and the guests. Make sure everyone knows what to expect at the earliest time, as their attire will add to the ambiance as well.


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