Jamaican Wedding: Choosing your wedding tuxedo

By: Denise defy Fyffe.
Copyright © 2015, defy, Denise Fyffe

jamaica wedding reception

jamaica wedding reception

The attire of the wedding party should coincide with the location and mood of the wedding. Choosing your wedding attire is very important occasion. This will be the lasting memory in many people’s mind when they talk about your wedding. Many times people from the wedding party dread the decisions of the bride and groom as they might choose some ghastly designs. Usually the emphasis is on the bride and the bridal party, the colours chosen and the design of the gowns. Brides often invest an immense amount of time searching for and trying on Jamaican wedding dresses, while grooms usually take a more straight forward approach. But sometimes the decision is not so easy in selecting the perfect wedding tuxedo.

Wedding-on-valentine-day-PicturesMany wedding ceremony are based on themes, while others are more traditional. The traditional weddings are easier to select a suit for as men tend to go with simple, classic cuts and designs. Their decisions are often to look good but not taking away from their bride. The tuxedo must always compliment the brides dress and make the man look polished and smart. For a themed wedding the tuxedo should fit the selected theme. You will have on this suit for a particular length of time, therefore choosing a comfortable and weather friendly one is very important. You should not look to wear a wool suit in summer or a light cotton ensemble in winter. Light airy materials should be selected in summer, especially if the wedding will be held on the beach; white is also preferred for a beach wedding. Your wedding tuxedo will be more or less casual depending on the time you host the ceremony.

You can incorporate your individual style into your tuxedo selection. Do not be overly flamboyant as to be ghastly and distracting. You can show your style in the accessories you wear, like cuff links, ties, vests or even shoes. Sometimes it’s best to keep it simple. You should select a wedding tuxedo in good time, not in the week before the wedding. You might need to make alterations, or even have a special suit made for you. Having the suit fit to your comfort, not too short, not too long; it should be perfect as your wedding pictures are forever. The sooner you have a suit the more time you have to get the accessories that will compliment it.

Some men choose to rent their tuxedos. There are a few things to consider when dealing with your tuxedo selection process. First the suit might not fit very well; hence you have to spend time finding the perfect fit which may not exist. Secondly, a tuxedo is not expensive; especially when compared to the brides dress. This means that men can more likely afford to get a custom made tuxedo that will fit all the criteria described before. Also, getting the perfect shoes, for the perfect suit is also important.


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