Jamaica at 53: Emancipedence 2015

dunns river fallsBy: Denise N. Fyffe.

Jamaica … not 50 years since it has been around, but 53 years since it has been independent as a nation. This little island is lending some new age strategies to enhance its Emancipation and Independence celebrations. By blending the names, this year 2015, Jamaicans are having a week long Emancipendence celebrations.

Jamaica is nowhere near to being far from its problems. It is a poor developing nation that seems to be stuck in a constant spin cycle of increasing crime, violence and economic woes. Jamaicans wake up everyday and go to work everyday, just like everyone else. Jamaicans struggle to pay bills and put food on our table. But, you would think that we would be without hope. Not so!

Jamaicans are blessed. The most churches per square mile. The most talented people in music, arts, athletics and creativity.  Jamaicans have a love for life and are blessed with a beautiful and luscious island paradise. Jamaica at 50, is good. High pristine Blue Mountains, un-spoilt Cockpit Country, good vibes and melody.

Everywhere in Jamaica, you can look and there are children playing and laughing, up to some Anancy mischief; but they are happy. They don’t go hungry, because there are trees bearing food everywhere and most neighbours are willing to allow you to pick from their trees. Jamaican Mango, banana, ackee, pear, Jamaican sweet sop, sour sop, apple, june plum, hog plum, cherry and much more.

Jamaica is a paradise indeed.


Copyright © 2015, Denise N. Fyffe


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