Jamaican Weddings: Wedding day responsibilities for the groom

By: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2015, Denise Fyffe

marriage-black-couple-weddingOne of the first areas that a groom can help with is the paperwork. There is a lot of paperwork involved in preparing a wedding ceremony. Applying for a Jamaican wedding license will kick off the list. Visit the respective department or ministry to get this done. You will also need to investigate about doing blood tests and doing travel plans.

If you plan to visit another country you will need to find out the health requirements. You will need find out whether you will need to get shots and also if there is paperwork you will need to get done. Some countries will require that you have a visa, so make sure to make your visa application in a timely basis. Ensure your passport is also up to date.

Another area of importance is including your spouse name on financial documents and accounts. Make time to go to the bank and have them added. Some people may do this after the ceremony to be safe. If you have wills and insurance policies take care of these as well.

The Jamaican honeymoon is another event you can take care of. This can be elaborate to surprise and please the bride, or it can be as simple as booking a hotel in a Caribbean destination, that takes care of majority of the details. The attire for the groom’s men will also need to be decided on; whether you will rent or buy. What accessories are need and wear to order or get them. Other areas you can assist with is the budget, guest list, invitations and finance.


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