IAAF World Championships Beijing: Usain Bolt crushed Justin Gatlin in 200m finals

Usain Bolt IAAF 2015 200m winner
Usain Bolt IAAF 2015 200m winner

By: Denise N. Fyffe

All questions have been answered, all critics can now be silent; Usain Bolt has silenced the challenges from Justin Gatlin. Usain Bolt led the entire way of the race, coming of the bend ahead of Gatlin, who could not respond. Its pure excitement at the IAAF World Championships Beijing 2015.

1 620 Usain BOLT JAMJAM 19.55 WL 0.147
2 1017 Justin GATLIN USAUSA 19.74 0.161
3 846 Anaso JOBODWANA RSARSA 19.87 NR 0.154
4 786 Alonso EDWARD PANPAN 19.87 SB 0.170
5 532 Zharnel HUGHES GBRGBR 20.02 PB 0.119
6 957 Ramil GULIYEV TURTUR 20.11 0.180
7 831 Femi OGUNODE QATQAT 20.27 0.198
8 618 Nickel ASHMEADE JAMJAM 20.33 0.132





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