How the Lignum Vitae Writing 2015 Award determine Writing Future in Jamaica

That’s quite an impressive list of entries, but the disparities in the entries directly relate to the prizes being offered for each literary category:

JA$$500,000 for the Una Marson Award for adult literature
JA$250,000 for the Vic Reid Award for young adult literature
JA$250,000 for the Jean D’Costa Award for children’s literature
So who’s judging the entries to determine the winner?

Lindsworth Deer’s MICO Wars: The Teacher Force Awakens

The Lignum Vitae Writing 2015 Award(Deer, 2015, February 27), which is an amalgamation of three (3) different writing awards, has finally chosen their shortlist (The Jamaica Gleaner, 2015, October 18) of nine (9) potential winners from a field of forty three (43) entries from Jamaica and the diaspora.

All vying for the JA$1 million prize that the Lignum Vitae Writing Awards, with the winners to be announced at a reception at the National Gallery of Jamaica (Fyffe, 2015, October 28) on Friday November 6th 2015 starting at 5:30pm.

How the Lignum Vitae Writing 2015 Award determine Writing Future in Jamaica

Staged by the Jamaican Writers Society in collaboration with the Jamaican Copyright Licensing Agency, other sponsors contributed to the prize purse being offered to the writers:

  2. HEART Trust/NTA
  3. Nucleus Creative
  4. Scarlette Beharie
  5. Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica

The Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica sponsored the Jean D’Costa Award and along with the other sponsors, makes the Lignum Vitae Writing…

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