How to Win At Casino Gambling Using the Law of Attraction

By: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2012, defy, Denise N. Fyffe

Many believe in the principles or the law of attraction when gambling. They think that if you think of winning then it will be manifested and you will be successful at gambling. Let’s examine how these principles work. Having a positive attitude and vibe is important. Therefore ensure that you are not playing with guilt money or money that should be used for other purposes. Play using money you can afford to lose. Not money that used for house payments and bills. Not money owed to friends or family. You should ensure that you cause no negative vibes around you. Create or get a jar for Jackpot. Name this your jackpot jar and only use it for that purpose. It is recommended to use bright cheerful colors that are in keeping with your positive vibrations. This jar will be like a gambling piggy bank. Spare change and a little extra money should be used when you go to the casino. This will avoid you using money for household expenses, for gambling.

You should think, dream and imagine winning big. Have a mental picture helps keep you focused on your goals and what you want. You should visualize the entre process of winning, to being handed a nice check and all the perks involved in that. This helps you feel excited and rejuvenated when you visit the casino. After getting to the casino, continue to be positive. Be careful to only speak positive words. Do not take up the normal casino talk of ‘how much are you losing by?’ or this place sucks.  Your words can be ten times more negative than your thoughts. Choose positive and winning words like ‘I love coming here’ and ‘I am winning right now’. Have fun. You must generate positive energy in your games. Remember the universe knows if you are faking. Do not focus on how many chips you have left or on other people’s game.

Use beginners luck. There are many people who win playing games they have never played before, and have no idea how to play. The slot machine is a perfect example of this. This happens because they are generally excited, focused on the game and have no alternate ideas or thoughts. Therefore they generate positive vibrations in those games. Still believing in the Law of attraction? If yes, do a good luck charm treasure hunt. Get a good luck charm to aid your cause in winning. You can put these on the machines when you are playing. If you are feeling down and can’t maintain your positivity, change the environment, and stop gambling. Go to your hotel room, and find another activity to engage in, or just relax, and get some rest. It is also important to be grateful, no matter how much you win.


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