Jamaican Beach Wedding – How to plan a wedding on the beach


By: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2012, Poetess Defy, Denise Fyffe

The idea of having a Jamaican wedding on the beach is extremely romantic. Both concepts alone are examples of romance and love; therefore to combine both things should make for a very memorable and special affair. Do you have a beautiful Jamaican beach close to you? Then this can be an inexpensive location to host your ceremony. It will prove to very unforgettable for both you and your guests.

For those who travel to Caribbean islands such as Jamaica, Aruba, Barbados, Cayman Islands, or St. Lucia; their wedding are typically set by the beach. Hotels and planners may work to decorate, provide seating, flowers and food that compliment the setting. This makes for an even more romantic wedding occasion. You may choose to even use those beaches close to home where you will have the opportunity to visit on occasion.


If you live on the Spanish, Mediterranean, or Greek coastline; these are equally great wedding locations. You can choose to have a traditional, formal or casual wedding affair. Having a Jamaican wedding on a beach allows you the freedom of creating your own ambiance and feel. If you want a dance floor, jazz band, and formal attire; this can be easily set up with your coordinator. And the relevant decorations, tents and wedding flowers can create that type of atmosphere. It you are trying to stick to your own traditional practices and ceremony that is easily arranged as well. Ensure you communicate these ideas with your planner, and continuously go over the details and preparations to ensure things will go as you expect them to. The Jamaican beach setting already guarantees a level of casualness about it. You can make your wedding dress simple, wearing bikini tops and floral skirts or even simple gowns. Men can choose to wear khaki or nice shorts with simple shirts. The bridal party and grooms men should follow suit.

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Ensure to inform your guests of the chosen Jamaican wedding location and the expected attire. This allows them o prepare adequately for the ceremony. You do not want people showing up in formal attire if everyone else will be in shorts and flora dresses. Also advise them on the right shows; especially if you will not be on a solid foundation. Walking in heels on the sand can be an accident waiting to happen, and you do not wish to have anyone hurt on your special day. If you will be outdoors put contingences in place to deal with anything unexpected, like rain. Make sure you have tents if a building is not close to the venue. You may not want your Jamaican wedding guests, chairs, tables, and yourself to be drenched our blown away. There are many funny blooper videos of this happening to couples. So if you do not want a disaster on hand be prepared.

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