Jamaican Wedding: Adventure, Romance and creating special memories

Weddings are one of the most romantic events; seeing two people saying their vows, dedicating their lives to each other and pledging their undying love. The ambiance, flowers, and colors all add to this atmosphere of romance. Another element that dominates in our minds when we think about romance is the location. The venue is always an important factor. Many people chose traditional locations like churches and rent ball rooms. In recent times, people are exploring more avenues. Some chose locations that are even more memorable than the ceremony itself. Allocation should have a special or intrinsic meaning to the bride and groom. They should both attribute some occurrence of importance to this location. Many choose the place they met or went on their first date.

For the more adventurous sort, getting married in an air balloon is very ideal. They see this in keeping with the height of their emotions and love for each other. This is a popular choice. But for some, especially those with a fear of heights, it would be a very bad idea; although many may choose to get married in or on the sea. Deep sea diving weddings are for those who have a passion for the open sea. Many couples who do this share a common love of this environment and believe it is the romantic location for them.

Keeping on the trend of nature, some couples may choose to get married in a cave. The reason for this may vary, but it goes back, to being one with nature, and feeling close to the ancestral ties. Stadiums, golf courses and arenas are another popular location. Many do this because they met there, or are a lifelong fan of a particular theme. This goes back to the idea of choosing a location that both the bride and the groom love and have special memories there. More and more weddings are being held outside.

Many choose local parks, floral gardens, and country settings. These are exquisite choices that call for fewer decorations. Many parks and floral gardens will aid the couple in cutting costs on floral arrangements. Though the wedding will have to adhere to certain rules in order not to spoil or mar the natural flora and fauna. Beaches are one of the most popular choices. The sound of the waves, the feel of the wind and the majestic beauty that this locale provides, is coveted by many. A beach wedding ensures beautiful wedding pictures, a semi-formal or casual choice of attire and a very relaxed atmosphere.

Your choice of wedding location should be a shared decision the groom and bride. They should feel a connection and want to create new memories there. Wedding locations should be chosen because they add to the romance of the event and will also be comfortable or accessible to your guests.

Copyright © 2016, Denise N. Fyffe


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