Monogamy and The Dating Game

By now, I have learnt that I am old fashioned; when it comes to relationships, love and such things. Just because I am seeing someone, I don’t believe they are exclusively mine, nor claim ownership of them. Basically, I don’t just hop up and say ‘dem a mi man’. Nope, I don’t do that.

Why? Well, there are a few explanations that I am reasoning with. First, I believe there should be a period of ‘getting to know each other’ before you commit. Nowadays unfortunately, commitment does not mean exclusivity to one partner or being monogamous. And here lies the crux of my problem, because of that factor, I don’t subscribe to owning up anyone before the time.

My past is also a major factor, I have had too many near misses and run ins with the ‘wrong kind’. So much so I considered myself among the ‘to the hell with relationship’, ‘friends with benefits’ groups. Those options just made sense and being in Jamaica does not help the cause either.

It seems the men in this country are made from a different cloth. They are more in it for the game, rather than settling down with one female. They see the fact women outnumber men, more than two to one, a great thing; more for them, they say. Because of this reality, the coded program of a woman of this century, to have a monogamous and committed relationship, clashes with the nature of such males and all kind of operating errors are thrown.

In these cases, who do you think should be reprogrammed and their source code changed? Or should we all still attain to find The One?

Copyright © 2015, Denise N. Fyffe


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