Escape with Salsa Dancing

Many couples go salsa dancing every weekend. Some believe it keeps them in touch with their Cuban heritage and friends, while being far from family or home. Others enjoy the sensuality of the music and movements.

This sexy dance often ignites a sensual feeling or mood in its participants and onlookers. Many people upon seeing this immediately want to learn the dance, making salsa dancing popular throughout the world.

This dance requires the dancer to do many extravagant movements and foot stomping. They control the rhythm and energy of the dance in their upper torso. Routines often allow each dancer to do a solo, as salsa can be very exhausting, and people can display their talents.

Due to its popularity, dance studios teach salsa dancing as a part of their ballroom routines. There are different variations of the dance, including Palladium, Mambo, Colombian, Cuban and LA. Nowhere is Salsa dancing more popular than in Central and South America.

However, the world is quickly catching up and Jamaicans are on fire for Salsa, at Escape.


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