Jamaican Food: Patty & Coco Bread 

Image: @pslovevictoriaa on Istagram

There is nothing more beguiling to a Jamaican than having our favourite Jamaican food, patty and coco bread.

If you have ever been to Jamaica or visited a Jamaican food joint in your locale, then I think you know where we’re headed with this article. The Jamaican Patty and Coco Bread are like no other snack or lunch item. It is filling, packed with flavor, and very rich, ask anyone who’s had it.

We sell Beef, Chicken, and Vegetable Patties along with Coco Bread in all our stores, and no matter which Patty you choose to put with your Bread, you’ll enjoy the same awesome flavor.

So answer this. Have you ever had a Jamaican Patty with Coco Bread before? Hail us up in the comments below about this great-tasting Jamaican food.


Read more at: Jamaican Patty & Coco Bread | ReCaFo | Real Caribbean Food


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