Seaview Gardens: Summer 2016, Bag Juice pon Base by Denise N. Fyffe

Usually, I prefer fruit juices, however, this heat is causing me to sweat and dehydrate at a rapid pace. I twist and turn at night, feeling like I am sloping through the Florida swamps.

It’s time to go cheap and efficient! It’s bag juice season!

Yesterday, I reluctantly dragged on a T-shirt and shorts and procured me a bag of bag juice for $130, two bottles of Ting and a box of orange juice.

A bottle of Ting, which has about two servings, might last the evening. However, the bag juice, hopefully should keep me until Friday…evening.

My plan is to mix the beverages, to suit my taste. You see, I love Ting. The grapefruit beverage releases pleasure on my tongue and endorphins in my brain; but I would be as poor as a church mouse by the end of Summer, if I only drink that.

So, I will mix the Ting along with the Icy bag Juice for a constant refresher during the days.

Already, my five gallon bottle of water is running low, that means a trip by Friday to the Spring water store.

Until then, I will drink bag Juice pon me base and pray for rains, a thunderstorm or even tropical storm.

Copyright © 2016 · All Rights Reserved · Denise N. Fyffe

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