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Seaview Gardens: Summer 2016, Roshan and Biscayne Bay on Double Duty by Denise Fyffe

I lie in bed, feeling like a beached dolphin. The heat is caressing my skin in the most intimate ways; it’s intolerable.

My handyman, jack of all trades and community troublemekker, Manny, came by this weekend, because I had to pull em out, fix em up and plug em in. What you ask?

My fans! Without them, I would be like a wilted flower. Thank God for them.

In Jamaica, the Corporate Area anyway; having a house fan is a must. In Seaview Gardens it is a necessity. However, in the summer months, one needs backup and even an air conditioning unit, if you can afford it.

My fans have been buzzing for at least 120 hours. I dear not turn them off. It’s that time of year when Roshan and Biscayne Bay will work like the Israelite slaves, when Pharaoh said, make bricks with no straw!


Believe me, Jamaican fans are built to last. They will have to. It’s only early May and if 2015 was any indication, this heatwave will drought us until November.

Copyright © 2016 · All Rights Reserved · Denise N. Fyffe


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