Where is Perri? Strawberry Hill, Jamaica

Location: St Andrew

Strawberry Hill Jamaica is a gem in the mountains of St. Andrew, known as a luxurious outpost and for having a gorgeous lookout. Guests can then bask in the country-side side scenery while they chit-chat, relax or feast. Strawberry Hill got it’s name when the then-owner  discovered that the property’s elevation was ideal for growing strawberries.

Blue Mountains, Strawberry Hill Jamaica.

Today, the area of interest was the restaurant! What I love is the fact that Strawberry Hill’s dining areas are carefully situated for diners to enjoy picturesque views of Jamaica’s Blue Mountains. You can select a table on the balcony, completely outdoors or from one of their private dining rooms.


Their lunch menu had selections of Appetizers to Desserts that ranged from $10 to $30 USD. The food theme seemed to be Strawberry Hill’s own spin on authentic Jamaican cuisine. I chose the Chicken and Shrimp Jambayala (because I have a shrimp problem lol) in Creole sauce, and substituted roasted potatoes for their fluffy coconut rice. In terms of vegetables, the plate included sautéed veggies on the side. I must say that the shrimp here is now a part of my top 5 “Best shrimp I’ve ever had” list. I should make a post for that one day! Also, my beverage of choice was a simple glass of apple juice. The staff was welcoming and friendly,  and the service overall was good.

For dining, I would suggest making a reservation. You can make an impromptus visit, hoping that it isn’t a busy day. I made this suggestion because Strawberry Hill’s property is an attraction used for wedding celebrations, their Luxury Resort, Spa and Restaurant. The Restaurant is well known for accommodating romantic dinners or lunch dates, as my family did that day. At my time of visit, visitors who only wanted to enter the compound without using any of the services, had an entrance fee of $2,500 JMD (~$25 USD). However If you dine, that would go straight towards your food bill. Children had an entrance fee of $1,000 JMD (~$10 USD).

My Highlight: The edge of the world infinity pool

Funny enough, a few days before this visit I saw a pool posted by Usain Bolt of what I thought was his private property. As soon as I saw this pool  I exclaimed, “Oooooooh, he visited here!”. Poor thing.

The whole point of an infinity pool is to give the illusion that the pool flows into the surroundings, as if there were no boundaries. This one did just that with the terrains of the Blue Mountains as the backdrop. Strawberry Hill’s pool deck had a mixture of dark stained wooden panels and natural stone pavement. The design was completed with wooden lounge chairs and a few African accents. Then of course, there was nature’s own contribution to the overall feel.

Strawberry Hill Jamaica
Strawberry Hill Jamaica
Blue Mountains, Strawberry Hill Jamaica.

See another resort with a great view from the deck here!

How to get there: ~33 mins from Papine, Kingston (14km).


Locations nearby:

~ 5 mins from Café Blue

~6 mins from Serendipity Holistic Resort and Spa

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