Jamaica Review: The Pitfalls of FLOW Customer Service and Reliability

FLOW Jamaica

Sad to say, I am now a disgruntled customer of telecommunications provider FLOW Jamaica. It was not always like this. For years, I could always depend on continuous, uninterrupted internet service from FLOW’s Network. Not anymore.

Since their merger with LIME, the service all around has been horrible, to say the least. Extensive outages, unanswered calls to the customer service lines and my phone credit just disappears into the darkness. A friend recommended that I change my DNS to Google free server DNS, everything was working good, until my connection kept disappearing for 24 hrs or more every Sunday. It seemed my system reverted back to FLOW DNS and the outages continued. What is going on FLOW?

Just recently, I was forced to sit out an entire weekend, when I required internet to do my work. There was no internet going three to four days.

Even when hurricane, di system was back up, faster than this!

All my credit is whipped out and after figuring out the no cost route, no one answers. I left the flow jingle looping for 20 minutes. Not even an out of office message?! No FLOW Jamaica, this is unacceptable. I am inclined to believe that someone is trying really hard to ruin the FLOW Jamaica brand.

So there goes my reputation, with not being able to meet client deadlines. I am a freelance, work from home professional. Who is going to reimburse me for hours, no days or productivity lost?

Their customer reps happily chirp that flow only gives rebate after three days of no service. Thieves of Babylon! Is so di system set up!

After I speak with a customer agent who sounds like he is in Trinidad or India, he promised to call back and indicate on my account that I requested a rebate. A few hours later, when I speak to another agent, he does not see any records from my previous calls and he advises that being in the technical support area, he can do nothing about rebates, not even to make a note. I would have to call back when the service comes and request a rebate then. So disappointing, because I know the managers could possibly have a different take on how to manage such situations, or not.


This is the common practice in Jamaica. OUR will not even blink, much less sanction them for their sloppy service.

It seems every time, I receive a call from FLOW reps surveying flows service (sports channel, internet etc.) in a few days the service actually acts up. Sounds like a conspiracy to me!

Sad to say, but Flow sucks.

My recommendation…

  • Follow up with customers. DO not simply spew regurgitated lines that give a false impression that something was actually being done about the problem. From my calls to FLOW on Monday morning, I could tell that no technician had worked on the issue since the Friday night.
  • Stop lying to customers. Do not promise to do something and then, do not follow up or recordings etc.
  • Customers can be more understanding. Just treat them with respect and improve your service.
  • Yes, you have actually made some improvements on the phone system used; however, include a message to indicate when no one is in office and a method for calls to be returned, if the customer indicates this.

FLOW came on the Jamaican landscape with much celebration. I don’t think Mr. Michael Lee Chin, Canadian Billionaire and NCB head, would be happy about a brand he built, now operating at a dismal level.

disgruntled customers


I wondered what the Digicel Broadband service was like; I called and was informed that the service was no longer available to new customers. Then why advertise this on your website?

More disappointment.

I don’t use a landline nor watch television, so Digicel Play is not the best option for me.

I think, I might just have to revert to stringing up tin cans and cords all along Jamaica for connection and even then, someone might tief even dat.


Copyright © 2016 · All Rights Reserved · Denise N. Fyffe


2 thoughts on “Jamaica Review: The Pitfalls of FLOW Customer Service and Reliability

  1. E.B. says:

    Hi, I operate a virtual business and I have been without internet for 14 months. Ive had it. Bouts of depression and suicidal thoughts continue. I dont know what to do. This is my livelihood. If it werent for a friend who suggested that I move into an office with him in January, I would probably have given up.


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