yohan blake jamaica national trials 100m winner

Watch: Controversy Overshadows Yohan Blakes Win of 100m Finals #JaSeniorTrials

The imp of Jamaican sports mischief, Oral Tracey is perhaps dreaming up a dozy of a commentary for TVJ Sports this weekend. After all, he did comment of the false start rules this week and its application to a top Jamaican athlete; albeit, Usain Bolt.

See article (Follow The Trace | What If Bolt False-Starts? – Rule Unfair To Sprinters)

While Usain escaped the debacle that ensued on the field at the National Stadium, due to injury; Blake, Powell, Ashmeade and others suffered through it. An athlete caused the starter to fire his gun twice, signalling a false start. Hush fell over the crowd as the stadium crowd prayed that it would not be any of the favorites.

But the god’s were laughing and Jamaicans were ready to riot.

According to the Jamaica Observer, “it was decided after the faulty start and gathering of the officials for a lengthy discussion, which resulted in a red card being shown to Nickel Ashmeade in lane three when the replay clearly showed that the movement came from lane one occupied by Jason Livermore.” After the spectacle died down and “after a protest from all the athletes in the event and uproar from the spectators at the National Stadium, the red card was retracted and a green card shown to the field.”

Now the show could go on.

Bolt, Blake, Ashmeade and Bailey Cole all looked comfortable in the earlier rounds. However, this was the finals and everyone would be required to run their heart out, if they hoped to qualify. In the end, it was the ‘saved one’ who clinched the victory by the nose.

Yohan Blake is once again the national 100 metres champion. It was truly a photo finish as all the runners dug deep, in the men’s 100m finals.


Section 1       Finals       Wind: 0.7
  1. Blake, Yohan – 9.95#
  2. Ashmeade, Nickel – 9.96#
  3. Minzie, Jevaughn – 10.02#
  4.  Powell, Asafa – 10.03#
  5. Bailey-Cole, Kemar – 10.03#
  6. Givans, Senoj-Jay – 10.06#
  7. Livermore, Jason – 10.19



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