Watch: Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce Dominated by Elaine Thompson in Women’s 100m Finals #JaSeniorTrials

elaine thompson jamaica national trials 100m winner

With hushed silence, seats emptied as everyone rose in anticipation; little did we know that the starters gun would signal the dawn of a new era, in women’s sprinting in Jamaica. The 100 metre ladies were off and in 10 seconds, everyone watched as a new 100 metre champion crossed the finish line in a dominant fashion.

Elaine Thompson is now the national champion of the 100m women race, in Kingston Jamaica. The stadium crowd is beside themselves and everyone is in awe of the new phenom, who slayed a field, which included Pryce and VCB. Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce was second, Christina Williams finished third and crowd favorite, Veronica Campbell Brown had to settle for fourth.

The Jamaican women stormed the finish line, but only one would be crowned the winner. If this is any indication, the standard for women’s sprinting just soared to new heights. Thompson had at least half a metre lead over, these calibre women and managed to equal the national record of 10.70s.

Section 1         Finals          Wind: 0.3
  1. Thompson, Elaine – 10.70N
  2. Fraser- Pryce, Shelly Ann – 10.93#
  3. Williams, Christania – 10.97#
  4. Campbell Brown, Veronica – 11.10#
  5. Facey, Simone – 11.11#
  6. Forbes, Shashalee – 11.17#
  7. Stewart, Kerron – 11.26#
  8. Davis-White, Kali – 11.37#

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