Bay View Eco Resort and Spa: Jamaica

Bay View, named after the resort’s location atop Portland’s hills, overlooks the Caribbean Sea of Jamaica’s north coast. Besides the entrance, the property is completely engulfed in a 30-acres reserve of Port Antonio.



Guests are able to select a single, double or triple occupancy guest rooms and suits from brilliantly coloured Houses.  What I absolutely enjoyed was the fact that from the balcony of my House of Palm’s room, nothing else was in sight but flora and a backdrop of blue sky.

You thought I was joking huh?

A stay at the resort grants you a Jamaican country styled breakfast,  prepared by their resident chef. Indulging in authentic Jamaican or international cuisines can be enjoyed in whichever area of your desire – in the dining room, the outdoor by the pool or out on the deck. Bay View can accommodate social gatherings or special occasions with a simple call for booking/reservations. Overnight guests also have access to the property’s Spa where they can choose from a variety of therapeutic services, from enjoying a shiatsu massage to being pampered with skin and body treatments.



My Highlight: The Deck

Just in front of the restaurant and the pool area is my favourite spot on the entire property, the deck. From there, you can experience a lovely view of Jamaica’s Turtle Harbour. This space facilitates fun gatherings, relaxation or simply quiet thinking and appreciation of nature.


AdobePhotoshopExpress_6f9ad59151dc42319672885349d5990f logo


  • ~2 hrs from Kingston
  • ~15 mins from the town of Port Antonio
  •  ~10 mins from the famous Blue Lagoon
  • 8 mins from Frenchman’s Cove
  • 7 mins from San San Beach

Where is Perri?

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