unfinished rooms in rio 2

Rio Olympics: Jamaican Team Housed In Unfinished Rooms in Brazil

This feels like deja vu! Athletes housed in unfinished rooms.

Russia, Now Brazil!

Hold on, did this not happen before? Yes, it did! In Russia. It seems to be a trend with the Olympics, whereby countries who bid to host the event are incapable of completing the necessary projects in time. Apart from the mega sized stadiums, athlete accommodations should be at the top of the list.

According to USA Today, “No matter what happens, it’d be hard work for Rio’s Olympic village to surpass the debacle that was the Sochi Olympics, but they seem to be giving it a good try.

A video obtained by The Jamaica Gleaner shows that in one block occupied by veteran quarter miler Novlene Williams Mills and 1500 metre runner Aisha Praught nothing appeared complete.

At the entrance to the apartment, buckets of paint, grout and other material were laid out for workmen who were still busy inside the living quarters.

Inside, there was still plastic covering on the floor, certain furniture were not yet in place, workmen were constructing the shower area, tidying up electrical wiring and tiles were yet to be laid in one apartment.


Move the Athletes to Better Accommodations

As poor as Jamaica is, in comparison to many first world countries, our athletes do not reside in squalor and should not be forced to stay in these conditions when they travel, especially when they go to represent our country.

unfinished rooms in rio 2

This goes for every athlete, from around the globe.

Who is Responsible?

The responsible organisations and country, should not only be held accountable but the Olympic committee need to alter their policies, to deal with situations like this. Any country found in breach, should never host the games again. The stakes will be high and the standard will always be met.

Harsh, I know. But, I bet you the president of Brazil would never stay in such deplorable conditions.

No teams should be housed in unfinished rooms and as a Jamaican, I say no Jamaican athletes should have to remain in such conditions.

Watch the video below, to see just how bad the accommodations are.


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