Rio 2016 Olympics: Watch Toni-Ann Williams, Jamaica’s First Gymnast

Our country, Jamaica may be small, but we are never afraid to make huge footprints in history. Jamaica’s first gymnast, Toni-Ann Williams, represents the country this morning, August 7, 2016.

toni ann williams at rio 2016 olympics

  • Women’s uneven bars
  • Women’s floor exercise
  • Women’s beam
  • Women’s vault
  • Women’s individual all-around

toni ann williamsToni Ann, is from Maryland, USA November 20, 1995 to parents, Tony and Marlene Williams; however, both her parents are Jamaican and as such she is permitted to represent Jamaica. She is currently attending University of California, Berkeley and is a member of the Golden Bears gymnastics team.

Williams represented Jamaica at her second World Championships in 2013, in Antwerp, Belgium. During the regular season, she peaked at #1 nationally on floor on February 23, 2015 and has reached as high as #5 nationally on vault (on March 2, 2015). She qualified to the 2015 NCAA Women’s Gymnastics Championships as an individual all-rounder. (Source: Wikipedia)

Collegiate Bests

Event Score Date
Vault 10 2x, last vs. UC Davis 3-8-15
Uneven Bars 9.95 3-8-15 vs. UC Davis
Balance Beam 9.875 2x, last 2-28-15 at Arizona
Floor Exercise 9.975 2x, last 3-8-15 vs. UC Davis
All-Around 39.700 2-13-15 vs. Oregon State

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