usain bolt in 200m athletics Rio 2016

Rio 2016 Olympics: Results Of The Men’s 200m Round 1

Tuesday morning was good for Jamaica, at the Rio 2016 Olympics. All three Jamaican did well and completed their races successfully; with times of 20.15s, 20.19s and 20.28s. Every one eagerly awaited the ‘big man’ Usain Bolt, who ran in heat 9 of the 200m heats. After securing the first 150 meters of the race, Bolt jogged 20.28s, the final 50 meters, surveying his competition with ease.

Yohan Blake started his 200m efforts this morning at the Rio 2016 Olympics. He cruised down at the line and was just nicked out of first place. He seemed comfortable, running 20.13s, and should have no problems in the semi finals. Nickel Ashmeade made his attempt in heat 6, and placed first in his event with 20.15s. He  was pushed by the Great Britain runner, but should perform well in semi finals tomorrow.


9:05 a.m.: Women’s 100m Hurdles Round 1
9:50 a.m.: Men’s 200m Round 1

6:40 p.m.: Men’s 110m Hurdles semi-finals
7:05 p.m.: Women’s Long Jump: qualifying round, Groups A and B
7:10 p.m.: Women’s 400m Hurdles semi-finals
7:35 p.m.: Men’s 400m Hurdles semi-finals
8:00 p.m.: Women’s 200m semi-Final
8:45 p.m.: Men’s 110m Hurdles Final

*Jamaica Time

1 Andre De Grasse Canada 20.09s
2 Bruno Hortelano Spain 20.12s
3 Yohan Blake Jamaica 20.13s
4 LaShawn Merritt United States 20.15s
5 Nickel Ashmeade Jamaica 20.15s
6 Alonso Edward Panama 20.19s
7 Salem Eid Yaqoob Bahrain 20.19s
8 Nery Brenes Costa Rica 20.20s
9 Adam Gemili Great Britain 20.20s
10 Ramil Guliyev Turkey 20.23s
11 Aaron Brown Canada 20.23s
12 Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake Great Britain 20.24s
13 Rondel Sorrillo Trinidad & Tobago 20.27s
14 Daniel Talbot Great Britain 20.27s
15 Christophe Lemaitre France 20.28s
16 Usain Bolt Jamaica 20.28s
17 Churandy Martina Netherlands 20.29s
18 José Carlos Herrera Mexico 20.29s
19 Lykourgos-Stefanos Tsakonas Greece 20.31s
20 Ameer Webb United States 20.31s
21 Ejowvokoghene Oduduru Nigeria 20.34s
22 Brendon Rodney Canada 20.34s
23 Femi Ogunode Qatar 20.36s
24 Julian Reus Germany 20.39s
25 Justin Gatlin United States 20.42s
26 Solomon Bockarie Netherlands 20.42s
27 Reynier Mena Cuba 20.42s
28 Roberto Skyers Cuba 20.44s
29 Hua Wilfried Koffi Côte d’Ivoire 20.48s
30 Shōta Iizuka Japan 20.49s
31 Antoine Adams Saint Kitts & Nevis 20.49s
32 Emmanuel Matadi Liberia 20.49s
33 Jorge Vides Brazil 20.50s
34 Jeremy Dodson Samoa 20.51s
35 Davide Manenti Italy 20.51s
36 Anaso Jobodwana South Africa 20.53s
37 Karol Zalewski Poland 20.54s
38 Adama Jammeh Gambia 20.55s
39 Stanly del Carmen Dominican Republic 20.55s
40 Ramon Gittens Barbados 20.58s
41 Matteo Galvan Italy 20.58s
42 Jak Ali Harvey Turkey 20.58s
43 Tlotliso Leotlela South Africa 20.59s
44 Bruno de Barros Brazil 20.59s
45 Robin Erewa Germany 20.61s
46 Kyle Greaux Trinidad & Tobago 20.61s
47 Sibusiso Matsenjwa Swaziland 20.63s
48 Jonathan Borlée Belgium 20.64s
49 Mosito Lehata Lesotho 20.65s
50 Eseosa Desalu Italy 20.65s
51 Emmanuel Dasor Ghana 20.65s
52 Serhiy Smelyk Ukraine 20.66s
53 Teray Smith Bahamas 20.66s
54 Clarence Munyai South Africa 20.66s
55 Kei Takase Japan 20.71s
56 Shavez Hart Bahamas 20.74s
57 Burkheart Ellis Jr. Barbados 20.74s
58 Ahmed Ali Sudan 20.78s
59 Jaysuma Saidy Ndure Norway 20.78s
60 Bernardo Baloyes Colombia 20.78s
61 Aleixo-Platini Menga Germany 20.80s
62 Aldemir da Silva Junior Brazil 20.80s
63 Harold Houston Bermuda 20.85s
64 Ihor Bodrov Ukraine 20.86s
65 Kenji Fujimitsu Japan 20.86s
66 Yancarlos Martínez Dominican Republic 20.97s
67 Alexander Hartmann Australia 21.02s
68 Levi Cadogan Barbados 21.02s
69 Tatenda Tsumba Zimbabwe 21.04s
70 Tega Odele Nigeria 21.25s
71 Rolando Palacios Honduras 21.32s
72 Carvin Nkanata Kenya 21.43s
73 Brandon Jones Belize 21.49s
74 Kokoutse Fabrice Dabla Togo 21.63s
75 Theo Piniau Papua New Guinea 22.14s
76 Didier Kiki Benin 22.27s
77 Mike Mokamba Nyang’au Kenya DNS
78 Demetrius Pinder Bahamas DQ
79 Miguel Francis Antigua & Barbuda DNS


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