Jamaican Poetry: Hold My End

By: Defy.
Copyright © 2010, defy, Denise Fyffe

I tried so hard to hold my end
I tried so hard, till the very end;

Reflecting on the things that came and past
Reflecting on a situation that did not last;

Looking in, looking out,
Things now looking much better;

Remembering when we would pretend
That there was more, than what we wanted to defend;
How time has brought light to your lies
Now time demands that you apologize;

Office space, is office laced
With guilty faces that now leaves no trace;
No trace of the damage
No memory of staring down the barrel of a gun;
People come and people go;
Hypocrites befriend,
Though their friends don’t know;

Soon in time, you will be caught in a lie
Soon in time you will have to apologize;

I ducked and weaved
As you tried to fly like a bird and sting like a bee
But I too studied Muhammad Ali
I took the best and left you nothing but cool Christian breeze;

Every day was like the summer sun scorching my hide
These values made me want to run and hide
But I stood firm and made my anger burn
Until Jesus came and said, ‘child I already took your turn’;

I tried to hold on to the very end,
I tried to be like Daniel in the lion’s den;

Motivated by stress, everyday
Determined I was to keep my pace;

Office lies and office spies
Office cheaters, now that office has died;

It’s a pity everyone had to pay
For the silly games you had gone and played;
Office causalities spread many,
But causalities bounce back and resuscitate
Many fell but didn’t stay dead
While others drowned in your manipulative well;

I tried to hold on to the very end,
I tried to stop the flow of this ink filled pen;

The motivation spews from me
To write the evil I endured professionally;

Office space is office laced
With hypocrites and villains
Who didn’t know your true face;
I thank God he saved me and filled me with his love
Though I fought the thoughts of ‘going postal’
Instead of basking in his love;

I tried to hold on to the very end
While I sat, trapped like a tiger in a snake filled den;

I tried to see the roses among thieves
I tried to make lasting and good memories;

I held on to the very end,
Now I can stem the words that flow from mind to pen.


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