5 Essential Oils Your Natural Hair Will Love!

It’s time to step your oil game up! Not only is it inexpensive, it’s essential to the overall health of your natural hair. There are a lot of different oils out there, but there is a handful I believe work best and provide a wide-range of benefits.

Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is one of the best oils for moisturizing dry hair. It’s packed with great vitamins like B, D, & E that keep hair healthy and strong.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO)

This is one of my favorite oils because of its thick texture. It’s great for sealing ends and because it promotes growth, it’s a great oil to use as a hot oil treatment. JBCO is also known for repairing damaged hair.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil! A natural’s favorite. Coconut oil has many uses from promoting hair growth, moisturizing, to preventing breakage. It’s basically an all in one package. If you’re not one to use a lot of different products, this is the oil for you. It can be used for hair, skin, nails, cooking – you name it and coconut oil can do it!

Peppermint Oil

I wouldn’t put this oil directly on your hair, but it’s great for the scalp. Use peppermint oil to stimulate hair growth and keep your scalp from creating build up. Remember to dilute with another oil or water. I made the mistake of putting it directly on and I nearly burned my scalp to a crisp. Learn from my mistake and dilute, dilute, dilute!

Olive Oil

Olive Oil is considered to be the “godmother” of hair oil. Like coconut oil, this is a staple for most naturals. It’s the one oil everyone is familiar with and is most likely in your kitchen right now. This is great to use for deep conditioning, hot oil treatments, or simply to seal in moisture from your leave-in conditioner.

Remember you can always mix and match your oils. Create your own concoction that meets the needs of your own hair. I use these oils separately, but I also have a mix I use for different things, so experiment!


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