Jamaican Weddings: Tips for hiring wedding musicians

By: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2010, Poetess Defy, Denise Fyffe

There are many details and planning to go through when you are preparing for a wedding. Things like finding the right flowers, in the colors and type that you want and whether you will have to ship them from another country. Also you have to find a caterer who will prepare a delicious menu and has a good track record. You have to find the perfect wedding gown, and bridesmaid dresses, find a location, get a minister, and decide on rings and vows and finding beautiful invitations. All these preparations and decisions can be tedious, many you will know what to expect before the day of the ceremony. But the wedding music is very important, and you may not know until the day of.

Wedding music will set the mood or ambiance of the occasion. The type, genre, pace, and amount of wedding music is your decision. Having instruments such as piano, guitar, flute, harp, or a live band will make the occasion even more memorable and distinct. Your guests will leave having a great time and fun memories. It is a big decision when it comes to selecting musicians or entertainment for your affair. There are many details and questions which should be considered or asked.

You first have to think about the type of wedding you want. If you are hosting a casual affair you may want o reconsider having an orchestra and opera singer. Same for if you are having a very formal affair you might want to rethink having a Pop artiste. Think about whether you want instruments, or tape of live performance with voice. Some people prefer just instrumental music or a classic band. Other might want a wedding musician who is versatile and will mix up the genre of the wedding music to suit the different activities. Ensure you see a performance prior to making your final decision and have a contract in place.

You also have to look at the size of your venue. Is it a large hall or a smaller room? This will dictate how many pieces of instruments you need, to ensure that everyone can enjoy the music; but you do not want it too loud in a small setting where it will not sound just as good. To have a solid idea of what you should do, visit the venue first. Ask to see the exact room or location in which the reception or ceremony will be held. If some cases, the ceremony may be held at a church, thereby an organ or instruments may be provided. If not, you should plan accordingly. You may also need to find out from the person in charge of the venue, what type of music is allowed. If this is not in keeping with want you desire to have, you may want to choose a different location. Remember the decision is between both you and your fiancé, so find out what wedding music they like and what they hope to have. Needless to say, many grooms are quite happy to leave this to their bride’s judgment.


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