Jamaican Weddings: Summer wedding favors

By: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2015, Denise N. Fyffe

People always throw away wedding favors, eventually, that they have no use for. You do not want this to happen wedding budgetafter spending so much money on them. Your efforts and planning would have been for naught. But if you come up with ingenious and simple options; things that people can use on the day or even when they go back home, this minimizes the likelihood of them being added to the wastebasket. You can sit and discuss with friends and family who have been to many weddings; finding out what their best wedding favor was and the worst. This is a simple and easy way to generate new ideas.

Giving guests hand held a fan as summer wedding favors is a popular practice. These months are known for their unbearable heat, and if your wedding is held outside, it could be a simple solution to the problem of heat and coming up with an idea for wedding favors. Fans are a casual as well as fun solution, and depending on the type of design, can translate to a casual or more formal theme. The wedding date, couples name, and other odd bits of information can be printed on the handle of the paper that makes up the fan. Putting the picture of the bride or groom can also be done. Oriental fans are a favorite choice of many. They will also be able to use the fan in other locations, at other times. If the fan is very sturdy, it can last for years and be a favorite of many people; possibly something they can take back at an anniversary celebration. You can also use manageable, small motored fans that can be easily carried and fit in ladies bags. These fans can also be embellished with silk, or lace.

For a long lasting wedding favor, think about giving plants. People can use them to add to their garden, or place in their homes. You will have to decide on a plant that most people can manage, doesn’t require a lot of care and can be transplanted if your guests wish to do so. Or you can have a mixture of plants. They can be fruit or flowered plants. Many people are environmentally conscious and there are foundations and groups that can have packages for the replanting of trees in deforested areas. This would be a nice memento for the occasion.

Packets of seeds are another perfect, environmental summer option for weddings. Your guests will be able to take these and plant them in the fall, or even on the wedding day. Again this can be done in gardens, or in areas identified for reforestation. You can add cards with little notes and other keep sakes if you wish with instructions for planting the seeds and what type of plant they are. You can choose seeds for your favorite flower or fruits.


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