White wedding doves courtesy of wdrelease-com

Jamaican Weddings: Ways to use doves in your wedding ceremony

By: Denise N. Fyffe.
Copyright © 2012, Poetess Defy, Denise Fyffe

White wedding doves courtesy of discover-southern-ontario-com

White wedding doves courtesy of discover-southern-ontario-com

Prince, who is a singer, songwriter, multimillionaire, from the 1980’s did a song called, “When doves cry”.  We all know that this is not so, but these lovely creatures are symbolic of love and unity. Thousands of wedding ceremony have incorporated them because of this symbolism. Couples add in white doves into their wedding ceremonies; hoping that it adds meaning and says to their partner, how they feel about them. It also indicates to their guests how in love the couple really is.

People experiment with their Jamaican weddings more and more. They believe in including the many facets that they as a couple enjoy; especially with the theme and music.  They still keep the older tradition of throwing rice and jumping the broom; but they have included new traditions more. Therefore weddings now include doves, bubbles and anything else the couple can think to add.

The use of dove is very varied. Couples come up with different methods of setting them free or adding them to the wedding ceremony. The trend is to use white doves. They can be released usually at the end of the ceremony from the chapel or loft. They can be released just before the couple drives off, or even after they say their I dos, depending on the wedding venue. The release indicates or represents the couple branching out into the world, and starting a life together.

White wedding doves courtesy of beetreetrail-com

White wedding doves courtesy of beetreetrail-com

The reference to doves can also be included in the ceremony. This can be stated by the minister, priest or officiator. He or she will draw reference to the symbolism or it can be included by the couple in the vows; especially in the exchange of rings section. The decision as to when these references are made, or when to release the doves, lies with the happy couple.

You also need to consider the holding areas or cages for the doves. There are many ways to incorporate them, and also how to display them. They can be keep close to the venue or ceremony area; just as long as they won’t be a distraction or noisy. You can think about the color or type of cage to put them in; whether white, gold or silver. You can have a handler there who will see to their food and comfort needs. Because of what hey symbolize your guests will be touched and many awed by their presence and inclusion into the ceremony.

When, where and how to include the doves, does not have to be complicated. The couple can decide whether to include them in your nuptials, at the reception or after the nuptials. You can also dictate the number of doves to release. This can be two or more; and reference can also be made to this in the ceremony.



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