Treasures of Colombia: Rice and Chicken – Arroz con Pollo (Colombian Street Food)

Arroz con Pollo is a traditional Latin American dish and a Colombian favorite that is prepared here in the plains of Villavicencio and all around the country.

This dish is prepared on special occasions but can also be bought at specific restaurants that cook it.

treasures of colombia with stacey ann smith

Treasures of Colombia: Arroz con Pollo – rice & chicken (Colombian Street Food)


This rice is mostly prepared for and eaten at parties and special events like quinceanera (sweet fifteen parties), graduation luncheons, birthdays and even at Christmas events.

I do recommend this dish to tourists who want to visit, this dish should be on their list of tasty foods to try and I am sure they won’t be disappointed. The Colombian people are very proud of their food and are always happy to share their diversity with foreigners.

This dish has different variations. However, all variations are delicious and do not change the essence of the dish. I had the opportunity of eating this dish on two special occasions.

One was at my student’s restaurant – “Lluvia de Hamburguesas” 3rd anniversary and it was finger-licking good.

The ingredients are:

  • Rice
  • Shredded Chicken
  • Vegetables

Again there are differences relating to the vegetables that are added.

PS: When you visit Colombia please be sure to ask about the famous Arroz con Pollo Colombiano.


Treasures of Colombia by Denise Fyffe and Stacey Ann SmithStacey Ann Smith is from Kingston, Jamaica.  She is an alumnus of Camperdown High School and she graduated from The Shortwood Teachers’ College having earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Modern Languages, Spanish and French. Presently, Stacey is an English teacher at a University in Colombia.  She describes herself as a vivacious and loving person who also passionate about traveling, taking pictures, her son Nicholas and Ashley, her adorable feline.

Copies of the book, Treasures of Colombia, available at online bookstores.



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