Jamaican Poetry: Sneeze


Original caption: Not faked. I was trying to take a hankie photo cos I have a cold and sneezed! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Si, me jus leggo one sneeze,
Mi feel it all di way to me knees
Not a body or a gentle bone,
Mi wrap up, inna mi bed all alone;

Wata jus a beat down mi windah,
Like it a beg,
“Mistress, mistress let we in yah.”
Not ova me dead body,
Hol on, mi tek it back;
Not ova me cold body;

Next ting, yuh knuh how dat go;
Mi tek back mi word,
Cause, mi nah tun nuh hurricane victim;
Mi knuh how storm grudgeful and bad mind;

Dem nuh want we enjoy the hurricane season wid out dem,
Dem jus like pass thru uninvited,
Dem an dem picknie dem;

Mi goin wrap up,
Cause next season
A gween have a sweet bonunus honey
To me back, fi warm up,
So, me nuh sneeze.


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