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Health: How Have You Been Coping During the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Covid-19 was essentially the superstorm that hit the world like a bomb from 2019 to 2021 and we were unprepared.

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The Effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Hundreds of thousands of people died. Millions of people were sick and many more are still living with the trauma and physical ailments from passing through such a tumultuous experience. The residual effects are not just physical but psychological as well.

Not to mention job losses and fiscal ramifications.

So, How Have You Been Coping DUring the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Many people were forced to isolate themselves during the pandemic. For extroverts, this can be very detrimental to their emotional and psychological wellbeing.

No outings, no interpersonal interactions with friends; only by using Whatsapp, Duo, Hangout, Skype, Zoom, Facetime, and other video conferencing mediums, can they get some semblance of the social stimulation needed.

Introverts, well, we probably thought that it was Christmas and every day was a gift.

Regardless, whether you are an introvert or an extrovert a year of isolation can have negative effects. That is why I wanted to reach out and check on how you, my readers, have been doing this past year – and a half for some.

Tell Us How You Have Coped Through the Pandemic

How have you managed to work? Are you doing so remotely? Did you get laid off? How have you been handling these situations?

Let’s talk, send me your feedback and I will post some resources to help as well.

For those who are thriving, can you share your secrets? What strategies have you used to live in the time of covid?

Personally speaking…

I am an introvert. I burrowed down after being locked down in a foreign country for 6 months. Longest vaca ever! When I came back, I tried to make the best of it.

I appreciated the financial savings of not having to buy gas – for about 5 months, pay for car upkeep, pay for meals at restaurants, or deal with any of the associated costs of being out and about on a daily basis.

The best part was not having to deal with winter and snow so much :).

Now, admittedly, I am wondering about the world outside. I am curious about the changes which might occur for many people when it comes to reintegrating into society and the social awkwardness that will be at play.

While I am sure the world will never be the same. I am also sure that we will adjust, thrive, and stay alive to procreate and populate.

Our children will look back at this period and analyze our mistakes and our successes.

Just in case you are still struggling with some issues, here are a few tips.

How To Handle Covid-19 Inconveniences?

Practicality is what’s needed, especially in the uncertainty that lasts as we go into winter. As renewed lockdowns become enforced and new habitual efforts become the norm, it can be quite nice to think about not what we must now contend with, but what conveniences we may wish to apply.

There’s no shame in making things easier for yourself in 2021. So, how can you implement lifestyle changes that might make the difference, even when stores, services, and other facilities are closed or undergoing systemic changes?

Have Your Prescriptions Delivered

There are many opportunities for you to have your medical prescriptions delivered to you, provided you go through the right service. This can help you stay on top of your medication, especially in these times, where worthwhile healthcare is fundamental.

Prescriptions being delivered to your doorstep, or arrange for a loved one who may be just a little less mobile than you are, can be a great use of your time. It helps you ensure that no matter what, your weekly medication requirements are taken care of.

This can also prevent you from missing a dose, or going without, or worrying about price hikes at this time, as you’ll have already booked and ordered the correct amount of medication you need for the near future.

Purchase Life Implements Online

Of course, we all need to leave our house in order to purchase and book our acquisition of life implements, but that’s not always so easy in the time of Covid-19 and renewed lockdown. has made this process much easier to deal with, helping you choose from a range of worthwhile frames that will help you look great, and more importantly, help you see clearly.

You may also find that purchasing clothes online from retail stores can open you a range of worthwhile discounts as we move into winter.

Save Money By Combining Subscriptions

Little convenience can also come in the form of combined subscriptions for your family can help you save money, and it also helps you keep up with the usual standard of living you are accustomed to. You can do this with Netflix, Amazon, and other services.

For instance, you might find that subscribing to a family Spotify plan helps you save money and ensures the ambiance of your home is all but assured in a positive light.

You may also decide to subscribe to other entertainment services, or meditation apps, or meal planning organizers aimed at helping you and your family come together and live healthily at this time.

Utilize Social and Video Conferencing Apps

We all need to stay socially connected in these times, which is hard when the lockdowns prohibit house mixing and more.

Social apps are there to guide you and help you connect to people you love, outside of your house. From video conferencing apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Zoom that grant you the means to connect with your family members.

Social apps are also a great means by which to express yourself at this time.

Buy in Bulk

Buying in Bulk can also make a lot of positive difference in how cost-effective lockdown may be, and how easily you are able to prevent unnecessary trips out of the house.

Heading to your local wholesaler, investing in a large freezer, and filling it with freezable goods can help you ensure you don’t need to leave your home without caution.

Of course, be careful about panic buying, or over-purchasing items that you don’t need. This can seem like two disparate pieces of advice, but you can find that there’s a worthwhile balance to strike here. You know how much you and your family need for a month or two.

Making Fitness Easier

It’s important to stay fit, eat healthy foods and have a health regimen, and while most lockdowns allow you to gain at least one hour of outdoor exercise a day under the strictest conditions, it can be nice to have a simpler solution.

Making fitness easier can also be aided by following various exercise videos online, or learning how to stretch, or by purchasing a kettlebell, or sometimes learning basic bodyweight exercises such as squats, stretches, and more.

Making fitness easier may help you feel more disciplined and able to lose weight or maintain your waistline, especially at a time where you may be inclined to bake and eat a range of delectable treats.

Online Counseling

We have discussed how online socialization can be helpful for many trying to keep up with people they care about – but you’d actually be surprised to hear that online counseling and therapy are now available for many, too.

That’s not a bad thing to go for at this time.

You may find yourself quite able to express yourself in a comfortable setting, and this can do a world of good for your mental health if appropriate.


With this advice, we hope you can more easily deal with some of the inconveniences that have disrupted our lives because of the covid-19 pandemic.

Remember, send me your feedback and I will post some of yours as well.

How have you managed to work? Are you doing so remotely? Did you get laid off? How have you been handling these situations?

For those who are thriving, can you share your secrets? What strategies have you used to live in the time of covid?



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