jamaican food jerk taco

Jamaican Food: Jerk Taco

jerk taco jamaican food

This is yet another spice blend that has significantly influenced our cooking over the past couple years. We use it most frequently for our Jerk Chicken Tacos which I will post soon. But I’ve also used it on pork tenderloin over a fresh salad.

I love the use of cinnamon and other typically sweet spices in my savory dishes and Jamaican food. It creates the perfect balance and pairs perfectly with bright, acidic flavors like lime juice and vinegar. We always top off our jerk chicken tacos with some sort of slaw with a season fruit, my favorite of which is a cabbage and nectarine variation.

Whenever we make our famous jerk tacos we put the dry rub on chicken tenders which cook super quickly and stay nice and moist. I usually put the leftover chicken on top of the slaw and add some pecans for a great day-after meal.

There is nothing like some real good Jamaican food.

The Recipe (from a blog called Mix It Up Cook Book, just with extra cayenne!):


via Jamaican Jerk Rub — allthepickledthings


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