How to Select the Right Type of Pool

Not having the right information before purchasing a pool can be a very bad decision. People do not ask the correct questions.

Asking questions is essential when selecting the right type of pool as it allows you to find out majority of the information. Also, you can discern whether the seller is being truthful about the conditions of the pool.

What is the Purpose for the Pool?

Understanding the purposes, the pool will serve is also important. Is it for family use? And who is going to clean and maintain it?

When you understand this, you can avoid the pool not being designed for those uses. If have young children, you can stipulate that the pool be built with fencing and gates. Or you may request pool features such as waterfalls, jets, a shallow and deep end, pull up bars, lighting displays and saunas.

Another consideration in owning a pool, is what type of surfacing do you want?

Three Types of Pools

There are three types of pools, vinyl, fiberglass, and concrete. Each pool type requires a different type of maintenance.

Concrete pools

Concrete pools are very popular and allows bacteria to grow easily. This type of pool doesn’t weather better than the other two types and needs to be maintained more than the others.

Vinyl lined pools

Vinyl lined pools are cheaper than fiberglass and concrete pools to install, but they cost more to maintain. The objects you use in this type of pool may damage the surface easier. Chlorine levels have to be higher to keep the pool free from algae and other bacteria. The severity of the problems that may occur with a vinyl pool is more than with another type of pool.

Fiberglass pool

A fiberglass pool comes in specific sizes or shapes. They are easier to maintain and has a surface that stand up to a lot of wear and tear, especially in cold temperatures. Bacteria have difficulty growing in it which lessens the amount of chlorine needed. This option is much better than the vinyl or concrete pool.

Understanding the types of pools, will help you to select the best option to suit your needs. Pool maintenance can be tricky business.

The Pool Contractor

Selecting the right pool contractor or developer is very important.

This can ensure a smooth installation, or your worst nightmare. You are looking for a contractor that has his own fulltime crew and has a good track record. If possible, research the work he has done in the past. Visit his office location, not his backyard or garage. Screen the materials that are offered.

Remember to ask the right questions.

  1. Ask about the types of pools, what they recommend and why they recommend it.
  2. Enquire about their staff and the jobs that they have done.
  3. Also check out any models or examples of work that they have done.
  4. Ask questions about his crew, their experience and how long he has been using that particular crew.
  5. Finally, find out if they are certified and if they belong to any local or national organizations.

Getting a pool can be very expensive; therefore, you need to do your due diligence. Pay attention to the details. Research and learn before you invest. Doing so might save you thousands of dollars in the long term.



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