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The Christian Life: Silence in the Christian Life

Some days are quiet, spiritually. You can hear the crickets but for one who has been in warfare so long, you know better.

You know that the enemy is out there devising strategies to take you down in the future. This tactic for making you feel at ease is one of the most successful.


Watch Out

Because you let down your guard and that allows him to scale the battlements and get closer to you. He will even disguise himself as one of your fellow soldiers and this makes for an even more devastating attack.

The other part of silence in your Christian life and walk with God is to allow you the time to regenerate and regain your strength. For many of us, we do the opposite and let loose. We lose our armor; stop reading the bible, stop praying, stop attending church and we stop fasting. This is our biggest mistake.

This is the plan of the enemy and he will watch you from afar of and even put things in your way to facilitate this behavior. How do I know? Well, I am guilty of being caught in this situation, on many occasions. The key thing to do is, as you realize your mistake, put on the whole armor of God and man your edges.

The Christian Life can be quite engaging, if you are doing it right.

If you are not, then you should have smooth sailing and never even realize you are engaged in the war for your soul. Remember Jesus? well he didn’t have a smooth time at it either.



I wrote the book Revealing The Spiritual Truth About Depression and Suicide, to share spiritual secrets about this stronghold that affects millions. The bible says for lack of knowledge my people perish’ therefore, it is important to understand how to wage spiritual warfare against the ills that affect you.


This book is a Christian literary work that shares valuable and potent information regarding the physical and spiritual truth about depression and suicide.

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