How to Save Money on Taxes

How to Save Money By Claiming Family or Dependent Tax Credits

Tax season can be very stressful. However, it you harm yourself with the right information, you will have more to gain than to lose. Recent global events have not made it easy either. Life changes often come at a great cost.

Taking care of family and dependents can actually help you come tax season, because you can claim the family and dependent tax credits.

You could save yourself hundreds or thousands of dollars just like many benefit from dozens of business tax credits and deductions. You can also store up on all the tips and tricks; after all knowledge empowers everyone.

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Claiming Family or Dependent Tax Credits

Generally, it is the ones without who are least aware of how they can benefit the most. Tax season affords everyone the opportunity to recoup on major life expenses. You simply have to apply the right tax credits and deductions to your situation and even learn how to pay zero taxes.

Here is a list of  tax credits and deductions you can consider:

Family and Dependent Credits

  • Child Tax Credit and Credit for Other Dependents
  • Recovery Rebate Credit
  • Earned Income Tax Credit
  • Adoption Credit
  • Credit for the Elderly or Disabled
  • Income and Savings Credits

Tax Slayer Software

Filing taxes is not only about knowing the right deductions and credits, but also having the correct resources, which make the process easier. Most people are aware of Turbotax as one such program. However, the IRS also recommends Tax Slayer, which can be used form any web browser.

This program walks you through the steps, because it can be used automated or manually. I recommend using the guided approach, which is very comprehensive. Furthermore, the fee is minimal compared to other programs. So check it out.

How to Save Money

There are  many of deductions available for individuals and businesses. Visit the IRS website for an in-depth listing and explanation for how to apply for each tax deduction for your business.

These listings are by no means comprehensive. So feel free to explore and research more tax information and benefit from greater saving. The IRS website is a great resource; especially as they are the ones auditing your taxes.


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